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How to Download on this site?

How to Download on this site?

Hi vivo lovers, many are confused when downloading here. they don't know by securing a link / safe link. I use this so that the file link theme that I share remains safe for a long time.

How to Download theme on this site?

1. Look for the theme link below the image, and click it.

2. You will be redirect, wait until the time is over
Download Theme itz For Vivo

3. After that there will be a new link that you have to click on
Download Theme and Font itz For Vivo

4. Click the link and you will be redirected to mediafire
Download Font itz For Vivo

5. Click "DOWNLOAD" 

Note : I am so sorry that I use safelink, this is to secure links and files so they can last long.

How to apply theme on vivo ?
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