Colorful Font ITZ

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Colorful Font ITZ

Collection of Best Vivo Font Download Font Warna Warni, Colorful Font ITZ For Vivo Smartphone

Information Font :
Font name: Colorful Font
Font Type: .itz
Credits : sumit

Download Colorful Font ITZ For Vivo Smartphone

This font name is Colorful Font than You Font which in ITZ Format for your vivo smartphone.  If you want try this font. If you want to try this font on your smartphone, you can download it with free. Please follow our site so you can receive notifications when we post a new font or theme here. Don't forget to follow us also on social media and you may also share the links in your Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. 

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Colorful Font ITZ

How To Apply itz Font on Vivo Smarthpone?

First, you need some additional material to be able to replace and install the itz theme on your Vivo smartphone, including:
  1.  Download the iTheme 4.0 application, then install (download here)
  2. Download the  Fonts .itz  that you want to use, you can choose and download the font  that has the format .itz as you wish (Download here)
  3.  Download ES File Explorer, then install (you can download it on Google PlayStore, or download it here)
  4. OPEN ES File Explorer
  5.  Click the three (3) bars in upper left corner and scroll until you see the "Show hidden files" and turn it on.
  6. Go to your downloaded  Font and copy/cut it.
  7. Go to Internal Storage /.dwd/../../../../../F ; click folder until you see the three (3) folders then click "F" folder and paste there your 
  8. Go to iTheme - Click Local Fonts - and click the first Font (other Fonts don't have a preview) and apply.
If Font don't understand how to apply font itz on vivo, just read : How to Apply Font itz on Vivo

Colorful Font ITZ For Vivo Smartphones


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