Close to me Shantel Font Itz For Vivo

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Collection of Best Vivo Themes itz download Close to me Shantel Font Itz For Vivo

Information Font :
Font name: Close to me Shantel
Font Type: .itz (cracked font)
Suggested : Funtouch OS: 3.+
Credits : Anna Ramos

Note : Give credits to Anna Ramos, simple Thank you will be appreciated.

Download Vivo Fonts .itz

This font was created by Anna Ramos, this font is named Close to me Shantel Font itz For Vivo,  support in my Vivo (Y83 and Y81) and Suggested for Funtouch OS: 3.+ , if not working on your smartphone, let me know please. I’ll repair that issue.

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Sreenshot Fonts .itz

Close to me Shantel Font Itz For Vivo


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How To Apply itz Font on Vivo Smarthpone?

First, you need some additional material to be able to replace and install the itz theme on your Vivo smartphone, including:
  1.  Download the iTheme 4.0 application, then install (download here)
  2. Download the  Fonts .itz  that you want to use, you can choose and download the font  that has the format .itz as you wish (Download here)
  3.  Download ES File Explorer, then install (you can download it on Google PlayStore, or download it here)
  4. OPEN ES File Explorer
  5.  Click the three (3) bars in upper left corner and scroll until you see the “Show hidden files” and turn it on.
  6. Go to your downloaded  Font and copy/cut it.
  7. Go to Internal Storage /.dwd/../../../../../F ; click folder until you see the three (3) folders then click “F” folder and paste there your 
  8. Go to iTheme – Click Local Fonts – and click the first Font (other Fonts don’t have a preview) and apply.
If Font don’t understand how to apply font itz on vivo, just read : How to Apply Font itz on Vivo

Bagaimana Cara Memasang Fonts itz di Vivo?

Pertama, anda membutuhkan beberapa bahan tambahan untuk bisa mengganti dan memasang tema itz di smartphone Vivo sobat, antara lain :

1. Download aplikasi iTheme 4.0, Kemudian Install (Download di sini)
2. Download Font .itz yang akan digunakan, sobat bisa pilih dan download font yang berformat .itz sesuai keinginan sobat (Download di sini)
 3. Download ES File Explorer, Kemudaian Install (Sobat bisa download di PS, atau Download di sini)
4. Buka Aplikasi ES File Explorernya
5. Buka Menu pojok kiri, arahkan ke bawah dekat pengaturan, Centang tampilkan file tersembunyi.
6. Buka folder Font yang sudah sobat download tadi.
7. Pindahkan ke folder /.dwd/../../../…/../../F (tempel di folder F)
8. Buka Aplikasi iThemes, dan Aplly Fontnya.

Untuk lebih jelas, bisa baca cara memasangnya di sini : Cara memasang font itz dengan mudah

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