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How To Apply itz Theme on Vivo Smarthpones?

First, you need some additional material to be able to replace and install the itz theme on your Vivo smartphone, including:

  • Download the iTheme 4.0 or up version application, then install (download iTheme 4.0)
  • Download the .itz Theme that you want to use, you can choose and download the theme that has the format .itz as you wish (Theme Local .itz)
  • Download ES File Explorer, then install (you can download it on Google PlayStore, or Download ES File Explorer)

After that :

  • Open ES File Explorer
  • Click the three (3) bars in upper left corner and scroll until you see the “Show hidden files” and Turn it on.
  • Go to your downloaded themes and copy/cut it.
  • Go to internal storage > .dwd>b/b/k/t/h/e/m/e or click folder until you see the three (3) folders, then click “T” folder and paste there your downloaded themes.
  • Go to iTheme > Local > Local Theme > and click the first theme (other themes don’t have a preview) and Aplly new theme.

Why can I not download themes from iTheme?

If i Theme is downloaded from other channels:
The iTheme might be the Chinese version. Due to the copyright limitation, the themes cannot be downloaded. Hope for your understanding.

If it is the original version, follow these steps for a try:

  • Change a network, then try again;
  • Reboot your phone, then check again;
  • Clear the data of  iTheme;
  • Restore(Reset) all settings. Don`t worry, no data or media will be deleted.
If above measures are not effective, please feel free to contact us.

How to recover the original version of i Theme?

Enter Settings More Settings App manager touch More at the upper right corner > Show system processes > iTheme(For Funtouch OS 4.0 and lower version, access Settings More settings Applications All iTheme), then touch Uninstall updates to recover the original version.

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