Ios Mix Theme itz For Vivo

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Theme Information :

Name : Ios Mix
Size : 9 MB
Format File : .itz
Upload : Mediafire
Credits : –

Download Vivo Theme .itz For Vivo

This theme name is Ios Mix Theme itz For Vivo which owned by someone. This theme is not mine, I just want to share only this to our Co-VIVO user who really loves themes. Please give credit to the real owner of this themes.

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Ios Mix Theme itz For Vivo

How To Apply itz Theme on Vivo Smarthpone?

First, you need some additional material to be able to replace and install the itz theme on your Vivo smartphone, including:
  1.  Download the iTheme 4.0 or up version application, then install (download iTheme 4.0)
  2. Download the .itz Theme that you want to use, you can choose and download the theme that has the format .itz as you wish (Theme Local .itz)
  3.  Download ES File Explorer, then install (you can download it on Google PlayStore, or Download ES File Explorer)
After that, you can read the way in this article How to easily change the Vivo theme complete with pictures and explanations.

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